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Ever-Changing Equine Travel Restrictions

With each state and event seemingly devising their own equine travel requirements, how do horse owners keep in line with the law?... Read More

Sport Horse Science

A visit to the Animal Health Trust in Newmarket, England, opened my eyes to a world of equine orthopedics research.... Read More

Conditioned to Run

Just in time for Kentucky Derby Week, I've gathered some insight into the average racehorse's fitness program.... Read More

No Four Feet Are Alike

Even among top-level equine athletes, hoof asymmetries and imperfections are quite the norm. ... Read More

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German Hackamores: Over My Head

Some horses I've ridden tolerate these bitless bridles better than others--what gives?... Read More

EHV-1 Down Florida Way

My observations on biosecurity measures and horse owner attitudes in the wake of the Florida EHV-1 outbreak.... Read More

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Snap, Crack, Pop: Equine Chiropractics

I just had a positive first experience using a chiropractor on my horse, but how should we best employ this therapy?... Read More

Lessons in Prepurchase Exams

I learned a valuable lesson the hard way: When buying a horse for performance, always have a veterinarian perform a prepurchase exam.... Read More

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Keeping Our Athletes Healthy

Exploring the ins and outs of performance horse care, from the good to the controversial.... Read More

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They can run fast, jump high, and perform complex maneuvers. And many owners will go to great lengths to keep a performance horse in top shape. Discuss these horses' health and management requirements with sport horse owner and managing editor Alexandra Beckstett.