The Winning Edge

Hannah and the Clone

My homebred and I had a brief brush with a famous sport horse clone.... Read More

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Relocating a Show (or Any) Horse

Nervous that I'll forget some important aspect of my horse's care, I've created a pre-moving checklist before relocating Lily next week.... Read More

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Trending: Joint Injections

How do we know when a horse really needs his joints injected, and what good is it doing?... Read More

Young Horse Rehab: Cat Toys and Hill Work

I'm currently coping with the challenges of putting an energetic yet out-of-shape youngster back in work. Any suggestions?... Read More

Summer's Foot Frustrations

Kentucky's wet and mild summer has brought with it a bevy of hoof-care challenges.... Read More

Horse Sport Psychology 101

A recent study look at whether a rider's mental skill equates to success in the show ring.... Read More

What's in Your Horse's Urine Sample?

Do you know for sure that your horse would pass a random horse show drug test?... Read More

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From Show Ring to Breeding Shed

Things to consider before transitioning from show ring to breeding shed.... Read More

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Safeguarding Show Horses: Impossible?

A recent lameness scare reminded me that no matter the facilities or level of care, we can't ever fully protect horses from themselves.... Read More

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Competition Goals: Listening to Your Horse

Recently I've felt content to shelve my highest expectations and instead focus on what's best for both my horse and myself.... Read More

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