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That Cresty Neck: Is It Muscle or Fat?

I love a nice strong topline on a sport horse, but how can you tell if a neck is round from muscling or cresty from fat accumulation?... Read More

Equine Athletes and Their Feet

A world-class sport horse farrier shared what hoof problems he encounters most.... Read More

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I Love My Veterinarian Because ...

Things I love about my performance horse veterinarians, past and present.... Read More

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Winter Riding Realizations

Kentucky's uncharacteristically brutal winter has introduced this Texas transplant to some of the challenges of winter riding.... Read More

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Culture Shock at a South African Thoroughbred Sale

I recently returned from South Africa, where I observed some surprising things about how the industry handles equine biosecurity, papillomavirus, and African horse sickness.... Read More

Icelandic Horses are Athletes Too

Here are some things I learned about a breed foreign to me during my recent visit to an Icelandic horse farm.... Read More

A Hunter Rider's Resolutions

My goals for the new year range from preventing my horse from packing on the pounds to re-evaluating the tack I use.... Read More

When In Doubt, Call your Insurance Company

I discovered that my equine insurance company covers more procedures than I initially thought--but only if I report them promptly.... Read More

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You Can't Spell Laminitis Treatment without Team

At the Laminitis Conference I witnessed a truly farrier-veterinarian-owner team atmosphere and approach to horse care.... Read More

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Caring for Cutting Horses ... Er, Ponies

I recently stepped out of the hunter ring and into the cutting pen during our annual editorial team outing. Here's what I learned about caring for cow ponies.... Read More

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