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Beware of Bad Footing

Some riding surfaces can put horses at more risk of bone or soft tissue injury than others. Which ones give you pause?... Read More

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Surviving Severe Weather at Horse Shows

Severe weather can quickly take the fun out of horse showing, as I experienced recently. Here are some tips to keep you and your horse safe.... Read More

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For Want of a 12-Foot Stride

For my small mare to be competitive against bigger horses, she needs to strengthen and lengthen her stride.... Read More

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The 'Poor Man's' Saddle Fitting

While at a conference I learned about a quick way to see if your saddle fits, so I decided to put it to the test. Here's how I did and the results.... Read More

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Top 5 Endurance Horse Health Issues

From tendon injuries to backs that radiate heat--learn the most common veterinary issues endurance horses face.... Read More

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Showground Shock Wave

Shock wave is a proven therapy frequently seen (and heard) at horse shows. But where's the line between a therapy's use and abuse?... Read More

Mares Will Be Mares

Both my mares started showing signs of estrus-related behavior recently. Will a monthly dose of "happy juice" help? Time will tell.... Read More

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Why Aren't There More Icabad Cranes?

In my dream world, more top racehorses would transition into the show ring after their careers on the track ended.... Read More

In Pursuit of Long-Lost Horses

While I've been able to keep tabs on most of my former mounts, every now and then I rediscover one that's fallen through the cracks.... Read More

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Post-Vaccination Riding

My veterinarian explained to me that riding my horse on vaccination day might put her at risk of vaccine reaction.... Read More

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