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4 Exercises to Increase Rider Fitness and Horse Comfort

Researcher Jenni Douglas shares a few exercises that can help improve your strength and symmetry in the saddle.... Read More

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A Non-TB Owner’s Take on the TB Makeover

I have a newfound appreciation for the Thoroughbred's versatility after attending the Retired Racehorse Project's Thoroughbred Makeover.... Read More

Beating the Heat at Horse Shows

For some, summer's a season of heavy horse showing. Here's how Hannah and I stay safe and cool on the summer circuit.... Read More

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A Staple to the Forehead Never Hurt (and Maybe Helps)

Just when I thought I’d seen it all at horse shows, an equine acupuncturist wowed me with this calming technique for my mare.... Read More

The Coolest Things I Learned About Saddle Fit

Here are my Top 6 takeaways from a two-day introduction to saddle fitting course.... Read More

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Money-Saving Tips for Horse Showing

From tack swaps to ride shares, here are some ways I've been able to save a few bucks here and there while horse showing.... Read More

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The DIY Test for SI Disease

One performance horse veterinarian has devised a simple "checklist" for identifying sacroiliac disease in horses.... Read More

When on Trial, Put it in Writing

Before you send a horse out on trial or lease, be sure to put all the details of its care in writing.... Read More

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Does Your Horse Get a Holiday?

Do you give your horse time off from work or competition during the winter?... Read More

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Acupuncturing Away the Lazy

I recently gave acupuncture a try to see if it might give my lazy mare more energy and/or prevent her from "stocking up" behind.... Read More

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