Trail Riding with The Horse

Training on the Trail

To save time and keep her horse fit, Ami is incorporating training into her trail rides. Do you train while you're out for a hack?... Read More

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Your Public Trails Need You

Find out how you can help save America's public trails.... Read More

Staying Found (Even When You Feel Lost)

Learn how to find your way if you and your horse get lost on the trail.... Read More

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Ringing in the Year of the Wood Horse

Ami shares her trail riding goals 2014, including volunteering for work parties and scheduling an overnight ride with friends. What are your recreational resolutions for the new year?... Read More

Where in the World Wide Web do You Find a Trail?

Ami has a new-to-her horse trailer and is ready to roll in her new home state. What online resources do you use to find new places to ride? She has a few suggestions. ... Read More

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One Spooky Trail to Ride!

One 'haunted' Massachusetts state park provides some frightful riding this Halloween season. Are there any legends about haunted horseback rides near you?... Read More

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The Rookie Road Guide

Keep these three points in mind when you're crossing state lines for a trail ride.... Read More

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The Government is on Shutdown, but You Can Still Ride

Find out which public lands are open for riding and which ones are closed during the current government shutdown.... Read More

Trails and Altruism, a Powerful Combination

Backcountry horseback riders made national news when they spotted a kidnapped girl in the Idaho wilderness. But who and what made accessing those wilderness trails possible?... Read More

Welcome to Trail Riding with!

Meet our newest blogger, trail rider and back country enthusiast Ami McBride! Whether you enjoy packing or hacking, this blog is for you!... Read More

About This Blog

Whether you’re packing in the back country or hacking on country roads, the view of the world is always between a horse’s ears. So saddle up with and escape the arena for some recreational riding. Along the trail you’ll learn about land use and public land access, equestrian legislation, etiquette, horse and rider safety, camping, and keeping pleasure mounts healthy, fit, and sound.