How was your Christmas? Mine was the best one in years! There is something about going home for the holidays that makes you feel like a small celebrity. Now that the hustle and bustle of the holiday season is winding down, I’m thinking about the up and coming new year, the "Year of the Horse," according me and the Chinese. If you throw in with that lot, it should be a good year!

Some people think New Year Resolutions are silly; after all most of us rarely keep them. My personal track record with them is atrocious. This year I think I’ve got them beat! Instead of vowing to never touch another Snickers (I’m addicted) and go to the gym religiously, I’m going to make a few resolutions centered around riding! (Maybe I can keep these?)

Come out of the woods alive armed with just a compass and map (well, and my horse).

Learn to use a compass, and then go on an adventure with just my compass, a topo map, and my horse. After all, if the apocalypse came, there would be no way to charge a GPS. Or ya know it could just be too cloudy to use GPS or the batteries could go dead, whichever comes first. Either way, being able to navigate without juice will come in handy.

Give back and spread the love.

I resolve to go to at least three trail work parties this summer. I’m vowing to give back a little. I do use these trails all year, so I’m going to help keep them maintained! By keeping some goodies for passing trail users, I hope to spread love and goodwill while I'm out in the hills.

Go on an overnight ride, with a couple good friends.

Just me, a fire, my horse, and good company. It’s something I have yet to do. Camping at a campsite is just too close to everyone else. I want to camp and not hear the noise of someone’s generator, conversation, horses or dogs. It makes me serene just thinking about it. I'm not an introvert, nope. Not at all.

Be more prepared by making a list of horse camping supplies.

It seems like every time I head out into the mountains, something is missing. It's not fun to get up there are realize the TP is in the valley! After I make that list, I plan to put the core of my supplies (like TP) into a tote so it’s ready to go!

To keep me accountable (because this list should be really hard to complete, I also resolve to share them with you as I complete them and/or plan them.

What recreational riding resolutions are you making this year?