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Interview with Jane Myers, Small-Acreage Horse Farm Expert

Alayne interviews Jane Myers, an equestrian and small-acreage horse farm expert in Australia and the United Kingdom. ... Read More

Give Away Horse Manure and Stall Waste

Looking for a suitable manure management plan for your horse property, but not interested in composting? Finding a good home for all that stall waste is a useful option to consider.... Read More

Creating a Sacrifice Area for Horses

Probably the most important aspect of managing pastures is the time when you take your horses off your pasture.... Read More

Sacrifice Areas for Your Horses

A sacrifice area is a small enclosure that serves as your horse's outdoor living quarters, protecting pastures from overuse.... Read More

Alternatives to Buying New Farm Equipment

The list of equipment needed to manage a horse property is long. Here are some alternatives to buying, and ways to save money and time in the process.... Read More

Spring Pasture Management Tips

Putting horses on pasture too soon can reduce pasture productivity this coming summer; unlimited grazing can also be harmful to horse health. Here are some considerations to keep in mind before opening up the pasture gates.... Read More

We Be Jam’n on Horse Stall Door Jams

Installing a threshhold into stall doors helped save time spent on chores at Sweet Pepper Ranch. Here's how.... Read More

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Pasture Equipment Basics for Horse Properties

This week we cover pasture equipment for those new to horsekeeping on their own property, with a focus on tools you can use to manage your pastures. ... Read More

Basic Manure Management Equipment for Horse Properties

Novice horse owners, or those new to horse keeping on their own property, might feel a little overwhelmed by the thought of acquiring all the equipment needed to manage their property. ... Read More

Build a Mounting Block

When I was finally allowed to get back on my horse after knee surgery, I needed a good mounting block to do so. The store-bought version we had didn't seem sturdy enough, so we built a sturdy, permanent version. Here's how.... Read More

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