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We Be Jam’n on Horse Stall Door Jams

Installing a threshhold into stall doors helped save time spent on chores at Sweet Pepper Ranch. Here's how.... Read More

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Pasture Equipment Basics for Horse Properties

This week we cover pasture equipment for those new to horsekeeping on their own property, with a focus on tools you can use to manage your pastures. ... Read More

Basic Manure Management Equipment for Horse Properties

Novice horse owners, or those new to horse keeping on their own property, might feel a little overwhelmed by the thought of acquiring all the equipment needed to manage their property. ... Read More

Build a Mounting Block

When I was finally allowed to get back on my horse after knee surgery, I needed a good mounting block to do so. The store-bought version we had didn't seem sturdy enough, so we built a sturdy, permanent version. Here's how.... Read More

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Improving Habitat to Attract Wildlife Helps You and Your Horse

Inviting many types of wildlife into our horses' environments actually has wonderful payoffs for horse and property owners, as well as for our neighbors and the environment.... Read More

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Take Winter by Storm--On-Farm Emergency Preparedness

Use this on-farm emergency preparedness list to help you become better equipped to handle those strong winter storms and may help you avoid potential disasters.... Read More

A 5-Step Guide to Composting Horse Manure

One horse produces about 50 pounds of manure per day, more than eight tons per year. Add to that the bedding you use each day and in no time at all you have a virtual manure mountain. ... Read More

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Setting Goals for Managing Your Horse Property

I often see horse owners struggle between balancing the "to do" list with having enough time, money, and other resources. Here is a process I recommend to tackle this.... Read More

Dealing with Drainage

When tackling drainage think "slow the flow." The best and easiest way to reduce surface water is to slow it down. Many times just slowing water flows down will allow water to infiltrate back into the ground and sometimes that’s all that's needed to help solve a drainage issue. ... Read More

Fall in Place: Create a Winter Paddock

Probably the most important aspect of managing pastures is the time when you take your horses off the pasture. You can greatly improve the health and productivity of your pastures by creating and using a winter paddock or "sacrifice area" to confine your horses for this time period.... Read More

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