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Determining Space Requirements for Manure Storage

Building your horse property or relocating your manure storage? Here are some factors to consider when figuring out how much space you'll need for your manure or compost pile.... Read More

Rain Gardens on Horse Properties

Rain gardens are a bright new idea for dealing with an age-old nemesis on horse properties--too much water and mud! Plus, they're a fun way to deal with April showers.... Read More

Spring Pasture Management Tips

The grass is green and growing fast! However, putting horses out too soon can reduce pasture productivity, and letting your horses graze too much can be dangerous to their health.... Read More

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Looking for More Manure Disposal Options?

If you are not using your manure and stall waste on your property, or if you have more than you can utilize, consider an alternative, off-site use for manure and stall waste.... Read More

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Give Away Your Manure or Compost

If you’re not saving your manure or compost for your own use, an effective disposal option is giving it away to places that can utilize it. Here are tips to make your system effective.... Read More

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Coolers are Basic Winter Horse Gear

At this time of year when we are finally able to get out to ride, our hairy horses are often fresh and our rides long, increasing the odds of ending up with a hot, sweaty horse.... Read More

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Winter Paddock Footing for Horse Properties

One of the most frequent horse property management questions I get at this time of year has to do with choosing the right footing for a winter paddock.... Read More

Horse Keeping Observations from Australia

This past November I was the keynote speaker at an Australian conference for government and agencies that work with horse owners. Here's what I learned about horse keeping down under.... Read More

Build a Simple Water Storage Container for Your Horse Trailer

If you trailer your own horses, having a supply of water on hand is useful after hot trail rides or an all-day horse show. See how we made our water storage container. ... Read More

Easy Bleachers for Your Arena

These simple, low-cost bleachers are easy to construct and really fit the bill for us, providing a nice arena viewing area for guests and visitors. ... Read More

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