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Selecting a Round Pen

I consider our round pen our most important tool on the property. Here are details on how to install one.... Read More

This Bud's for You!

About 100 days ago my husband, Matt Livengood, signed up to be a part of the Extreme Mustang Makeover and picked up Bud, his randomly assigned wild Mustang.... Read More

Climate Change and Horse Keeping: Managing the Uncertainty

How will climate change affect horse husbandry and disease? Experts are gather later this month to discuss at the first Conference on Climate Change and Horse Management.... Read More

Practical Horse Feeding for Adult Horses

While you should always consult your veterinarian for the feeding program best for your horse, here are some basic guidelines to help you begin structuring your feeds and feeding program. ... Read More

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Choose the Right Winter Clothing for You

Before winter hits with a one-two punch make those needed additions to your wardrobe which will help ease you through what winter has to dish out.... Read More

Chore-Efficient Winter Water Supply Ideas

Now's the time to evaluate how your watering system will work for you and your horse this winter. Read on for ideas on how to manage winter water supplies for horses.... Read More

Planting Native Plants in the Fall

Not many horse owners realize how helpful native trees and shrubs can be on a horse property. Learn more in this post.... Read More

Trail Riding Safety for Hunting Season

While the fall weather is cooler and often more pleasant for riding, if you live near or trail ride in rural areas it's important that you're aware of these hunting season safety tips. ... Read More

Tips for Developing a Firewise Evacuation Plan

Wildfire can quickly become a real threat to rural landowners, and when horses are involved, action needs to be taken quickly to save the lives of your animals and reduce property damage.... Read More

Wasp Control for You and Your Horse

Late summer is when wasps are most prevalent, so beware of these flying insects when trail riding with your horse.... Read More

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