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From Blog to Book

As many of you may be aware, the “chapters” that have been offered monthly for download are part of a larger project to put together a cost-saving book for horse owners. There have been a ton of chapter downloads and great suggestions from readers, so it looks like there really will be a physical Thrifty Horsekeeping book coming out early spring 2010!... Read More

Selling and Sharing

A slow economy equates to a buyer’s market for those looking to purchase a horse. For the seller, however, trying to downsize your herd or reduce expenses is going to be tough. The bottom line is that now buyers and sellers are going to have to get a lot more creative and go some less-conventional routes to make ends meet.... Read More

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Prepurchase Steps

During the horse shopping process, if you think you’ve found “the one,” don’t just stop there. Several steps are still necessary to ensure you’re making a sound investment and getting the most for your money.... Read More

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Alternatives to Buying a Horse

For many people, outright ownership on a horse is not necessarily the best option. Many can’t afford the caliber of horse they want or need; others may not want to spend the money on a horse whose skill level they anticipate outgrowing; and some only foresee needing a horse for a fixed period of time.... Read More

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Horse Shopping

It’s that time of year. Days are shorter, nights are colder, and your horse is fuzzier. As winter approaches and horse show season winds down, however, many people are contemplating the decision to either sell their current horse or shop for a new one.... Read More

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Care For Your Equipment

To conclude this past month’s segment on farm equipment, I want to emphasize the importance of maintaining your truck, trailer, or tractor to prolong its lifespan and value. A quality piece of equipment kept in good working condition should last and last – the money you spend on maintenance and upkeep is a fraction of what it would cost to fix major repairs or purchase a new machine.... Read More

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Trucks and Trailers

A good truck and trailer are “musts” for the horse owner that does his or her own hauling and horse care. Weigh all the pros and cons of investing in a powerful tow vehicle or new trailer, however, before taking the plunge. How often would you use it? Can you trailer share with a friend or neighbor? Will owning and maintaining a truck or trailer outweigh your yearly shipping and hauling costs?... Read More

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Tractor Talk

I’ll be honest, the topic of tractors and farm equipment is not one I’m particularly versed in. One resource I found quite educational, however, was Cherry Hill’s book Equipping Your Horse Farm. Hill grouped tractors into four categories according to size and purpose: Lawn and garden, compact, utility, and farm.... Read More

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Farm Equipment: Buy or Lease?

Shopping for a new vehicle last year I had to decide whether it would be more practical to buy or lease based on my budget. The same case can be made for farm equipment – from tractors to all-purpose vehicles to trucks and trailers. You can find significant savings in either buying or leasing depending on your needs and objectives. First determine those needs and objectives, factor in maintenance cost, and then compare the affordability of lease payments versus purchase price.... Read More

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Labor Pains

If you own your own small farm with a few horses, chances are you do much of the gruntwork yourself. But when is it necessary to hire out for labor, and under what circumstances could you be saving money by doing chores and maintenance yourself? Not all of us are handy enough to make fence repairs or equipped to hay pastures, but we can certainly clean some stalls and turn out some horses.... Read More

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Smart Horsekeeping aims to provide practical advice for managing horses in a more environmentally friendly way, and on navigating difficult economic times as a hands-on horse owner. Our bloggers believe it’s possible to keep horses in an environmentally savvy way without breaking the bank!