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Figuring Out Footings

Hand-in-hand with the shelter requirements for the fall/winter is putting down some type of footing. This would be for winter paddocks, confinement areas or high traffic points such as gates or watering points. The purpose of footing material is to build up an area and keep your horse out of the mud. Use of a footing decreases the amount of mud created and allows surface water to drain through--good... Read More

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Gimme Shelter(s)

I mentioned in my first post that we recently moved our farm to a new location in sunny southern Idaho. Part of my business goal at our new location is to set up a small-scale horse motel and boarding operating, maybe branching into a modest guest ranch. That requires the right kind of horse facilities, such as easy-access stalls and paddocks. At the moment we have five stalls and paddocks, but we... Read More

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Howdy from Way Out West!

Summertime and the living is easy, or at least that’s how the George Gershwin song goes. If you’re a horse person, summertime can be a very demanding and exhausting time--at least that’s how it is at our place right now. Besides the fact that we’re always trying to get as much quality ride time in and prepare for reining shows, we’re also trying to do as many projects as possible to set up for a more... Read More

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A Smarter Thrifty Horsekeeping

Great news! After a bit of a hiatus, the Thrifty Horsekeeping blog is being resurrected and revamped to continue dishing out the cost-saving advice. However, there will be a new twist. Starting next week, Thrifty will become just plain Smart.... Read More

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Blanket Repair Tips

Because horse blankets aren’t cheap, knowing how to effectively repair them can save you hundreds of dollars. ... Read More

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Winter Woes

Horse owners around the country are getting hit hard by winter weather. Even the Alpha Mare is dealing with arctic temps and frozen pipes! ... Read More

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Holiday Treats and Deals

If you're like me you have plenty of holiday shopping left to do. In fact, the only "gift" I've purchased were some horse supplies for myself. I've made a few discoveries though - from coupons to recipes to reading material - and thought I'd share:... Read More

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From Blog to Book

As many of you may be aware, the “chapters” that have been offered monthly for download are part of a larger project to put together a cost-saving book for horse owners. There have been a ton of chapter downloads and great suggestions from readers, so it looks like there really will be a physical Thrifty Horsekeeping book coming out early spring 2010!... Read More

Selling and Sharing

A slow economy equates to a buyer’s market for those looking to purchase a horse. For the seller, however, trying to downsize your herd or reduce expenses is going to be tough. The bottom line is that now buyers and sellers are going to have to get a lot more creative and go some less-conventional routes to make ends meet.... Read More

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Prepurchase Steps

During the horse shopping process, if you think you’ve found “the one,” don’t just stop there. Several steps are still necessary to ensure you’re making a sound investment and getting the most for your money.... Read More

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Smart Horsekeeping aims to provide practical advice for managing horses in a more environmentally friendly way, and on navigating difficult economic times as a hands-on horse owner. Our bloggers believe it’s possible to keep horses in an environmentally savvy way without breaking the bank!