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August 2011 - Posts

Odor Control in Paddocks

Especially in the summer months, odor from gravel or sand paddocks can get pretty intense--a real concern if you have neighbors close by. Plus, breathing ammonia is unhealthy and unpleasant for horses and us. ... Read More

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Fall Checklist for Preparing Your Horse Property for Winter

Even though we’re in the midst of the lazy, hazy dog days of summer now is actually the time to be planning ahead for the winter months; here is a checklist of fall horse property chores.... Read More

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Track Paddocks: Combating Horse Boredom

If you’re familiar with confinement areas, you probably think of them as small areas that don’t give horses much opportunity to move about. However, an emerging trend, called track paddocks, may change the way you view confinement areas. ... Read More

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