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June 2011 - Posts

It’s Vacation Time!

Summer time often means vacation time! Setting up your place to be chore-efficient with these tips will help your caretaker properly take care of your horses, and will help you relax on your trip.... Read More

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Make the Right Choices for Gates on Your Horse Property

Having the right gate is another key towards being chore efficient. There is nothing more irritating than not being able to get equipment or deliveries into a area because a gate is too small or you have to walk “the long way” around a pasture every time you want to put horses out or bring horses in.... Read More

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Recycling Down on the Farm

Looking for ways to trim your horse budget? Besides helping the environment and being “green,” another benefit of recycling is it saves money! It can reduce your trash bill, offer you free or low-cost horsey items, improve your pasture (as with the use of compost) so that you have more forage and less hay bills… the opportunities are endless! Recycling and using recycled products at home and on the... Read More

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