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March 2011 - Posts

Put Native Birds to Work for Free, Natural Insect Control: Swallows

One of my favorite times of year is the March/April timeframe when swallows begin returning. These pretty little birds provide us with hours of entertainment with their graceful flight acrobatics as they dart about catching insects. But these birds are not only fun to watch, they also provide us with excellent insect control – one swallow can consume many thousands of insects per day! In this day and... Read More

Manage Surface Flows

Like you, here at Sweet Pepper Ranch we are always working on some project. This week we’re working on drainage issues that need to be resolved before we begin putting in trees, shrubs, lawn and other landscaping around the barn and horse facilities. Once we finished building our new guest barn this winter, Matt and I kept a careful eye on surface flows around it. During heavy rains we watched where... Read More

Native Birds for Insect and Rodent Control: American Kestrels

As horse owners, we often wrongly believe we are destined to “put up” with flies and insects as well as rodent infestations. Other times we become so frustrated with the situation that we resort to chemical warfare, potentially adding unnecessary and harmful toxins to the environment. This week at Sweet Pepper Ranch we took a step towards a least-toxic rodent and bug control method: we put up our first... Read More

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