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Slow Feeders

As I talked about last week, boredom for horses can cause health issues such as weight gain, ulcers, stall vices (chewing, pawing, weaving), bickering or fighting between horses, and even colic. Last week I talked a bit about horse toys. This week I’m going to cover another option to help deal with boredom: slow feeders. Slow feeders are a novel approach to feeding horses. In my travels while doing... Read More

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Dealing with Boredom

When the weather’s frightful and our horses end up snowbound in their stalls, who gets antsier, us or them? I know I get pretty cranky when I can’t ride and I’m feeling sorry for my horses locked up inside. Horses are designed by nature to always be moving and foraging. Research shows that horses left to their own devices will eat 18 to 22 hours per day. Horses stuck in a stall with just twice-a day... Read More

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Put Native Plants to Work for You

With snow and frigid temps blanketing a good portion of North America, maybe what we all need right now is a nice break and a chance to think about spring (which Punxsutawney Phil says is not too far off!). I thought a little digression about trees, shrubs, and landscaping on horse property might be good for this week. That's what we are doing on right now at Sweet Pepper Ranch. We are working with... Read More

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