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Choosing Paddock Fencing

Welded drilled pipe fencing on our new barn. Panel fencing on our main barn. This week we finally finished construction of our new barn enough that we were able to move three of our horses into it. Our new barn is similar to a covered loafing area: five runs, each with a 12-foot x 16-foot matted "stall area" under one roof. Runs are about 52 feet long. I thought I'd talk about paddock fencing since... Read More

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Winter Chores: Dealing with Winter on the Horse Farm

Welcome to the dead of winter. Even parts of the country that don’t usually experience snow are getting a healthy dose right now. Last week the New York Times reported that 49 out of 50 U.S. states had snow (Florida remained the Sunshine State!) Even when we as horse owners have done our best to prep for winter with heated water buckets, frost-free hydrants, weather-proof turnout blankets and the right... Read More

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