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Wipe Out Tack Room Mold

‘Tiz the season for mold! If you've been battling mold in your tack room, I’ve got bad news: mold spores are everywhere. They are floating in the air, embedded in the fibers of our leather tack, and they are on our clothes, in carpets and in walls. It is almost impossible to keep mold spores out. But there is good news! Even though you may not be able to eliminate mold spores, you can control mold... Read More

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Take the Winter Solstice Chore Efficiency Test

This year Winter Solstice, the day with the shortest amount of daylight, occurs on December 21. For most of us in North America we can pretty well count on the kind of weather we’ll have that day: cold, dark, rainy, windy. Maybe even snowy or icy. For those who’ve attended my Horses for Clean Water educational events you know about my test for chore efficiency which is done on this day or at this time... Read More

Mud Management 103: Establish a Manure Management Program

Following along with the mud management theme I began several weeks back, one of the best ways to control mud from building up in paddocks is to have a good manure management program. Mud consists of dirt, water, and fine organic material. Manure is fine organic material, and one horse can produce 50 pounds of manure a day. That amounts to more than eight tons per year per horse! Add to that the 8... Read More

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How to Size Your Horse's Paddock?

A sacrifice area is a small enclosure, often called a paddock, corral, or pen, meant to be your horse's outdoor living quarters. Technically it is called a sacrifice area because you are giving up use of that small portion of land as a grassy area to benefit your pasture. Horses should be confined in sacrifice areas to avoid overgrazing and especially in winter months when plants are dormant and soils... Read More

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