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Reducing Bedding Saves Money and Time

Using less bedding can save you time and money. Less bedding use means cleaning stalls will be easier and quicker (since you won’t have to hunt around for manure hidden in mounds of shavings). It also means you end up with less stall waste to deal with. If you compost, it means that you’ll have less carbon in your compost so it will compost better and faster--and you’ll end up with a nicer finished... Read More

Emergency and Winter Preparedness

No matter where you live in North America, you may have been hearing that long-range weather forecasts are calling for some pretty bad weather for many parts of the country. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration reports sea surface temperatures along the equator have decreased dramatically, setting us up for a strong La Nina in the season ahead. Generally speaking La Nina, an ocean-atmosphere... Read More

Purchase Your Winter Supply of Hay

If you haven't already done so, fall is the time to buy your winter supply of hay. Be sure to look for green, leafy, fresh-smelling hay without mold, weeds, dust or discoloration. Recent nutritional recommendations are for a horse to receive 2% of its body weight in hay (or forage) per day. For the "average" 1000 lb. horse with moderate exercise that will be about 20 pounds of hay per day. This is... Read More

Mud Management 101: Gutters & Downspouts

A simple investment of making sure your gutters and downspouts are in good working order will greatly benefit you, your horses and the environment over the coming winter months. Fall is the right time to clean as well as make needed repairs or additions to your roof runoff system for all barns, sheds and outbuildings. Diverting clean rainwater away from high-traffic areas reduces the amount of pollutants... Read More

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