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Winter-Time Chore Efficiency Starts With Good Lighting!

This time of the year everything on our small horse ranch is all about winterizing. Heading into fall, chore efficiency is my main mantra. If we can set things up so the barn and horses are easy to manage and chores can be accomplished with a minimum amount of hassle, then it's more likely that things will get done later on when it's cold, rainy or snowy, windy and dark. Speaking of dark, having good... Read More

Getting Pastures Ready for Winter

This past weekend I had the pleasure of offering my Horses for Clean Water workshop to horse owners in the scenic Peace River region of Northern Alberta, Canada. The vastness is impressive with geography similar to the United States' Great Plains, except with far fewer people and more agriculture. It was amazing to talk with horse folks who owned so much land - 100 to 300 or more acres, although still... Read More

The Good Air

This week at our new horse property my focus has been on improving the ventilation in the barn for the horses--as well as for us humans. Our 52 x 44 barn has large, open doors on the front side as well as open doors for each of the six stalls that allow for a good amount of air exchange. The problem is that when we sweep stalls or when the weather is very hot (a common occurrence in sunny southwestern... Read More

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Pasture Stress-Reducers

The past two months here in the Bluegrass have been seriously lacking in rain, and the characteristically lush, green horse country is now looking brown and parched. The pastures aren’t the only ones feeling stressed; some horse owners are flying through their hay reserves faster than expected and others are racking up high water bills trying to irrigate their land. ... Read More

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Managing Mount Manure

If you care for horses on your own place then at some time you probably have wondered what to do with that huge mound of manure piling up behind the barn. Did you know that one horse produces about 50 lbs. of manure per day and over eight tons per year ? Add to that the 8 to 10 gallons of urine and the wheelbarrow or more of bedding and in no time at all you have a virtual manure mountain. All that... Read More

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