sellingA slow economy equates to a buyer’s market for those looking to purchase a horse. For the seller, however, trying to downsize your herd or reduce expenses is going to be tough. The bottom line is that now buyers and sellers are going to have to get a lot more creative and go some less-conventional routes to make ends meet.
Some advice for current horse owners either trying to sell or downsize:
-      Post flyers or use free online advertising sites to increase your horse’s exposure at no cost. Make it easy for potential buyers to view your horse by posting photographs and video footage on Web sites such as

-   The most saleable horse is a rideable one - a horse is going to sell a lot faster and for more money if it's a proven riding horse and up-to-date on training, vaccinations, etc. Check out a "How To" video on selling your horse to a good home.

-   Consider splitting labor and maintenance costs by offering a part-lease on your horse in exchange for riding privileges.

-   Lease your horse out or loan him to a riding school to temporarily reduce the financial burden while still retaining ownership and having your horse in work.

-   Consider purchasing or adopting a young horse or weaned foal to experience raising and training a foal rather than adding to the current overpopulation of horses by breeding your own.

How have you made ends meet without giving up your horse altogether? What are some strategies you use to get a horse sold? Although this is the final chapter download (check out the complete Buying and Owning a Horse chapter here) of Thrifty Horsekeeping, I will continue to collect reader suggestions on all topics as I revise the chapters, and as I come across more money-saving deals and advice I will post those here.