Online ShoppingAlmost anything you could ever need nowadays is just a click away, thanks to the Internet. Equestrian apparel, tack, supplies, even horses themselves, are no exception. The convenience of it, however, can be dangerous for your bank account. Searching for one item turns into being coaxed into buying more items because they’re on sale – can’t pass up a good deal, right? - turns into high shipping and handling fees. Do keep an eye out for sales, discount codes, coupons, and clearance items, but don’t get caught adding things to your shopping cart you don’t necessarily need just because they’re discounted. It may be worth the extra few bucks, however, to purchase enough that you qualify for free shipping (if offered). Now I want to know, where do you shop for equestrian goods online? Is there a cache of coupons somewhere I don’t know about?

Here are some reputable online vendors I’ve used or have been told about:
Rick’s Heritage Saddlery ( has such perks as free shipping on orders over $75, plus a free grooming kit.
State Line Tack: coupons, rebates, freebies with certain purchases. An English and western deal of the day, everyday. It does the comparison shopping for you! Bulk purchases and wholesale prices.
And, of course,, Craigslist, Froogle,, and Ebay

The focus of Thrifty Horsekeeping for the month of July will be cost-saving advice related to all your tack, equipment, and supplies. Read an excerpt about smart shopping here.