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Greener Pastures

I think the real cost-saver when it comes to your horse’s feed and nutrition is pasture. Unless your horse is young and growing, pregnant or lactating, or in strenuous work, his nutritional needs can easily be met with a simple forage diet of good pasture or hay (plus water and some free choice salt). The hardest part then becomes providing the highest-quality grass and managing your pasture to get the most out of it.... Read More

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Hay Days

One of the unfortunate consequences of a slow economy is that when horse owners begin to struggle financially, their spending on horse care and feed is one of the first things to be cut. I can’t even begin to recount how many stories I’ve heard over the past year of horses whose owners just can’t afford to feed them anymore. So we’re tackling the important topic of feed and nutrition... Read More

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Creative Recycling

In today's world we are constantly reminded to be ecofriendly, to live “green” - so why not apply that mindset to horse ownership? You will be doing a favor to both the environment and your wallet. I'm not just talking about recycling plastic bottles and aluminum cans, but reusing your old horse stuff, household items you would otherwise throw away, and dollar store goods you may not have thought would have an equestrian use.... Read More

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Care and Repair

Although it may come as a no-brainer to most horse owners, the diligent care of your tack and equipment will result in a longer-lasting product and less money out of your pocket spent on replacements. Give your tack a two-minute once-over after every use, even if... Read More

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Online Shopping

Almost anything you could ever need nowadays is just a click away, thanks to the Internet. Equestrian apparel, tack, supplies, even horses themselves, are no exception. The convenience of it, however, can be dangerous for your bank account.... Read More

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