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First Aid and Physical Effort

Well, as the month of May wraps up, so does our first full chapter of Thrifty Horsekeeping. We’re moving off of cost-saving health care advice into the world of horse shows and training – but that doesn’t mean the health chapter is complete. Leave some comments of your own thrifty practices for our reader suggestion chapter. I think if I’ve learned anything from my equine health care research it’s that a lot of what we’re paying for is the luxury of someone else doing the work...... Read More

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Spend Time, Not Money

How much time do you really spend with your horse? Would a few more minutes of grooming and awareness each day save you money farther down the road? According to vets and farriers, it will. Preventive care includes everything from monitoring your horse’s behavior and doing a run-down of his feet and body to maintaining a safe living environment and reading up on basic equine health care. (Check out Understanding Equine Preventive Medicine on Exclusively Equine, or read through the’s preventive care newsletter archives.) As a boarder, I think I’ve always put too much faith into the barn staff ...... Read More

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No Hoof, No Horse

Without well-cared-for feet, you’re pretty much going to be out a horse. Routine hoof care is absolutely essential to your horse’s comfort and soundness, but are we paying for special shoes and gadgets that our horses may not really need? 

Take, for instance, what Dr. Michael A. Ball notes in Understanding Basic Horse Care :

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Never-Ending Vet Costs

OK. Now let’s get into the real hands-on cost-saving. Last week’s introduction hopefully got your mind thinking (or stressing) about reducing your equine expenses. This week we’re focusing on veterinary costs. Unfortunately, this is an area where you can LEAST afford to cut back and still have the best interest of the horse at heart.

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