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Where is Your Money Going?

By now we all know the hurting economy is also hurting the horse industry. Even the highest echelons of horse ownership are being affected, so there’s no question that us average equestrians are struggling. Nearly all horse owners are having to make sacrifices – I know I’ve had to make some of my own, from not breeding my mare to bartering for reduced board to not dining out as often with friends.
This blog will take a look each month at a different component of owning a horse – be it horse health, feeding, horse showing, equipment, etc. – and suggest ways you can cut costs and save money. New information will be available for download with each weekly blog post. I’ve gathered a slew of “experts” from different fields to offer their best advice, and hopefully inspire similar advice and suggestions from you via the comment section.... Read More

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Smart Horsekeeping aims to provide practical advice for managing horses in a more environmentally friendly way, and on navigating difficult economic times as a hands-on horse owner. Our bloggers believe it’s possible to keep horses in an environmentally savvy way without breaking the bank!