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January 9, 2018 - The rainy season can be very disruptive to many equestrian businesses. Many stable owners, trainers and barn managers are finding the Covermaster's Equestrian Riding Arena Raincover System is the economical solution for reducing down time caused by bad weather. A short rainfall can make a riding arena unusable for several days, resulting in canceled training and riding lessons, rescheduling events, or the need to issue refunds because the riding arena cannot be used. Furthermore, riding on a wet arena can be unsafe for the horse, and can cause damage to the footing, which can be costly to repair. 

Since 1969, Covermaster has been providing Sport Surface protection solution to athletic facilities for many different sports. Similar to a baseball infield Raincover that is pulled out for rain delay, the same concept works extremely well for an equestrian riding arena. With the recent introduction of the new TarpMate Air inflatable roller, a large custom made Covermaster Arena Raincover can easily be installed and removed in minutes with minimal effort by only a few people. Simply unroll the cover out over the arena when you anticipate some rain, and roll it up once the rain has stopped. This reduces down time and allows riders to get their horses back into the arena soon after the rain has stopped and the sun is shining. 

Many Covermaster systems are being used in equestrian centers throughout the USA and Canada. Custom covers have been made for Dressage, Jumping and Rodeo arenas, as well as for round lunging pens. Thomas Bell from Covermaster says the feedback has been great. "I have many users in California, Colorado and Oregon who report that they can start riding on their arena right away after the rain. Others have stated that with the TarpMate Air roller, they can get the cover rolled out and into place in a flash!!"  A Covermaster Riding Arena Raincover can be an economical alternative to building an indoor riding arena at a fraction of the cost and time.

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