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September 2017 - Posts

NIGHTWATCH Smart Halter Receives Regulatory Clearance in the US and Canada

  • 28 Sep 2017

Protequus LLC announces regulatory clearance from the United States Federal Communications Commission (FCC), Industry Canada (IC), and PTCRB/CTIA-The Wireless Association for the commercialization of NIGHTWATCH, the world's first smart halterTM, in the US in and Canada.... Read More

SERENE BY NATURE® Launches New Bio-Identical Endocrine Supporting Topical Cream for Equines

  • 27 Sep 2017

SERENE BY NATURE® cream is a new innovative, effective, and all-natural way to safely support and balance the equine endocrine system. ... Read More

Arrowhead Animal Health Offers Cooling Relief to High-Test Performance Training

  • 20 Sep 2017

Arrowhead Animal Health has announced its latest advancement in animal health and wellness products with a performance tested cooling bandage designed to cool the area of application by up to 10 degrees for up to two hours.... Read More

Manna Pro Launches Nutrigood Low-Sugar Snax for Horses

  • 13 Sep 2017

Nutri-good is a new, all-natural, low-starch horse treat that horse owners can safely use for training or simply bonding with their animals.... Read More

TICKS-OFF® Launches New Pesticide-Free Tick Deterrent for Horses and Dogs

  • 7 Sep 2017

Introducing TICKS-OFF®, the first ever tick-deflective product for animals.... Read More

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