Tullamore, Co Offaly: When the bell rings at the beginning of an important competition, every rider knows that peak performance is critical. He and his horse must be fit, energetic, and injury free.

Founder of Caballis and International Competitor, Daniel Carroll, was no stranger to this situation. He dreamed of walking into an arena knowing he and his horse were fully prepared and ready for the event, and confident that the result would be defined by his performance alone, not a lack of preparation.

The solution is the recently launched website, a platform to analyse the training needs of horses, recommend a bespoke training program, and then track its results. Based on the horse's physiology and competition schedule, Caballis will generate a training plan to ensure the horse reaches peak performance precisely when it matters; on competition day.

Rooted in scientific analysis, Caballis assesses the horse's muscle mass and distribution using image recognition technology, and compares he animal to their database of 20,000 other animals. The outcome is  bespoke training programme, oriented around the horse's competitive event schedule, which addresses individual weaknesses and optimizes strength and stamina. By recording the horse's progress, the program continues to become more and more individualised and effective.

Caballis will be launched at the Dublin Horse Show, 2017. 2-star eventer and social media influencer Chloe Loane will be available on Saturday, August 5th for a meet and greet at the Caballis stand located at L1 in Hall 4). A user of Caballis technology herself, Chloe says "In my eyes, this is leading the field in preventing injury in performance horses and maximizing potential on the all-important competition day. It's revolutionary and innovative, but most of all...user friendly. This is a game changer for riders..."


About Caballis

Caballis is a multi-award-winning Irish start-up using technological solutions to improve the health, well-being and performance of horses. Caballis was recognised by the Veterinary Council of Ireland at the 2016 BT Young Scientist Competition for the Caballis Equi-Feeder, its debut product.