ANDOVER, MA. (July 6, 2017) Arrowhead Animal Health has launched the new No-Chew™ line of cohesive tapes to improve the comfort, recovery, and protection of animals with an innovative chew prevention formula similarly found in human health and wellness products.

The No-Chew products include an unmatched odor and taste repellent engineered to prevent animals from unraveling tapes on their first attempt. This lightweight self-stick tape provides improved break strength that is stronger, tougher and more durable when applied over cohesive tapes. Arrowhead’s breakthrough product has been designed with human food-grade chemistry to ensure a safe product for all animals.

“It’s finally here and we couldn’t be happier to release a product of superior quality at an affordable price point in the animal health community,” stated Jon McEuen, Vice President of Business Development at Arrowhead Animal Health.

Arrowhead’s animal health products are 100% made in the USA, and range from vet wraps to adhesive stretch tapes that are constructed to meet the needs of those who provide care for animals of all sizes. From small dogs to large equine, Arrowhead Animal Health products are ideal for vet clinics, stables, kennel facilities, farms, and zoos.


How to Use Arrowhead Animal Health’s No-Chew

When using the No-Chew vet wraps for the first time, observe the animal for any signs of skin sensitivity, which are possible but rarely occur. If applying to bare skin or shaved regions, please first use a layer of gauze or Arrow-Vet™ cohesive tape to cover the skin before using the No-Chew wrap. If applying directly to the skin, we recommend inspecting the area of application after first six to twelve hours. If you see any sensitivity, such as redness or swelling, please discontinue use.

About Arrowhead Animal Health

Arrowhead Animal Health partners with those who are responsible for the care of large and small mammals. Arrowhead designs and manufactures high-quality, dependable cohesive and adhesive tapes and wraps to aid in the comfort, protection, and healing of animals. For more information about Arrowhead Animal Health, please contact Matt Fitzgerald at (781) 740-4050 or