Vetoquinol USA Asking Fans Western or English for Chance to Win Equestrian Prizes

FORT WORTH, TX, May 8, 2017 - Barn Chats, the social pages of the Vetoquinol USA Equine team, recently launched a "Saddle Up" Sweepstakes asking fans if they ride Western, English, both or other. The Grand Prize winner will receive a $250 equine retailer gift card and Zylkene Equine, our calming supplement with a milk-derived ingredient that helps horses cope the same way nature calms the nursing foal. Three runners-up will each receive a box of Zylkene Equine. The sweeps will be running through May 15 with winners announced on May 15 at 3 p.m. ET.

Anyone can enter the sweepstakes here:

Even the most well-tempered horse will sometimes react to situations that they find stressful, exhibiting signs, such as kicking, head bobbing, teeth grinding, pacing/stall walking, agitation and inability to rest or loss of appetite. Common stressors may include weaning, farrier visits, vet visits, loading and traveling, training or introduction to new horses. Zylkene Equine is backed by research, including two published studies on behavior management.1, 2

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  1. McDonnell SM, Miller J., Vaala W. Calming Benefit of Short-Term Alpha-Casozepine Supplementation During Acclimation to Domestic Environment and Basic Ground Training of Adult Semi-Feral Ponies. Journal of Equine Veterinary Science 33 (2013) 101-106.
  2. McDonnell SM, Miller J., Vaala W. Modestly Improved Compliance and Apparent Comfort of Horses with Aversions to Mildly Aversive Routine Health Care Procedures Following Short-Term Alpha-Casozepine Supplementation. Journal of Equine Veterinary Science 34 (2014) 1016-1020

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Headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas, Vetoquinol USA is owned by Vetoquinol SA, an independent, family-owned French pharmaceutical company founded in 1933. Dedicated exclusively to animal health, Vetoquinol USA is focused on the development, production and marketing of FDA, EPA, NASC and AAFCO-regulated pharmaceutical, nutritional and dermatological products for small and large animals. Vetoquinol's livestock division offers products for horses and cattle to assist owners and veterinarians with joint health, pain management, immune support, behavior and general care. For more information, visit