Giving your horse supplements just got better! Majesty’s Animal Nutrition introduces a new flavored wafer.

Majesty’s Animal Nutrition is pleased to announce the launch of a new flavored wafer. Taste tested and approved by over 500 horses across the US; peppermint was the clear winner with an 80% or higher acceptance.

Bend, Oregon - April 25, 2017 -- Majesty's Animal Nutrition a small family company located in Bend, Oregon is still the only company that puts supplements into a convenient, easy-to-use wafer for horses. The ease of use is partially what has lead to Majesty's loyal customer following; in fact they feel they would have a larger customer following if all horses would eat their wafers.

The new line of peppermint-flavored wafers will be available in all of Majesty's 60 count (2 month supply) equine products and in 30 count (1 month supply) Kalm+ equine product. Majesty's is nicknaming this line their "red label" line; meaning all you will have to do is look for the red label on the bag to know it is peppermint flavored.

"We are extremely excited about the introduction of this new flavor, especially after the taste test survey's conducted came back with such positive results. For years we have attended trade shows, interacted with customers and always heard people tell us they love the idea of the product but their horse will not eat them. Meaning we were still missing a large audience that wanted to use our products but could not because their horses refused to eat them," commented Tony Roth, Vice President of Majesty's Animal Nutrition. "We will still be keeping our original flavor of supplement wafers and hope that the peppermint flavor will increase our loyal following; the peppermint flavored wafer was developed specifically for those that love the concept but could not use it because of feed acceptance," noted Roth.

Majesty's Animal Nutrition has been producing both equine and canine products for years. To find out more about this family company and the other products they have to offer; visit or call us at 541-382-9811, you are guaranteed to talk to one of the family.