Innovative Horse Feeder Helps Prevent Choke and Minimizes Feed Waste


Pre-Vent® Feeder features patent pending design to slow horses during feeding;
imitate natural grazing behavior


March 26, 2012 - Houston, Texas.   An innovative new horse feeder is delivering health benefits to horses and and savings to their owners across the country.  Pre-Vent® Feeders, a Houston-based company focused on developing simple, effective feeding solutions for horses, has introduced the first and only horse feeder designed to imitate a horse's natural grazing behavior and address poor feeding behaviors such as aggressive eating.  

           The Pre-Vent Feeder's patent pending wide base and angled compartments are designed to force a horse to use his tongue and lips to retrieve small amounts of grain, requiring him to concentrate and keep his head down while feeding.

           "We've received very positive feedback from horse owners that have introduced Pre-Vent horse feeders to their problem eaters, " said Kaelin Hanks, vice president of sales and marketing for Pre-Vent Feeders.  "By imitating the natural grazing behavior of a horse, the Pre-Vent feeders are helping horses slow down during eating, which reduces choke and minimizes feed waste."

           The Pre-Vent feeder was developed by a horse owner who witnessed a severe choke episode of a horse in her care.  Since its introduction, the Pre-Vent Feeders team has heard from hundreds of horse owners and veterinarians about the simple effectiveness of the product.

           Traditional horse feeders allow horses to waste a significant amount of feed by taking a large mouthful, then dropping a portion of it onto the ground.  Pre-Vent horse feeders are designed to keep horses' head down and eating slowly, which stops them from spilling or dropping feed.

           The feeder also offers benefits for horses with special health conditions. For example, the
Pre-Vent feeder has been used in veterinary hospitals and clinics where horses are recovering from surgery.  Eating slowly helps prevent complications that could be caused by eating too quickly or aggressively.

           Pre-Vent Feeders are available for purchase online at, by phone at 1-888-805-7770, or at a number of retail locations across the country.  A full list of retail and online locations is available at