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eyeD to Sponsor Pennsylvania National Horse Show

  • 27 Sep 2011

Global Animal Management announces that eyeD will be the Title Sponsor of Junior Weekend at the Pennsylvania National Horse Show in Harrisburg, Pa., Oct. 13-22. eyeD is the first equine identification system to utilize iris scanning technology. Horse owners and enthusiasts will have an opportunity to learn more about eyeD and sign up for special offers during the event.... Read More

Equine Business Management Strategies Symposium - For a Healthy Equine Practice

  • 27 Sep 2011

The Equine Business Management Strategies (EBMS) symposium, which is a targeted business education program developed for equine veterinarians and practice professionals, took place last month for the second time in Europe in Cadnam (United Kingdom).... Read More

Parelli Launches "Celebration of Horsenality" Edutainment Documentary on DVD and Blu-Ray

  • 26 Sep 2011

More than 6,000 horse lovers travelled to a lively, fun filled and thought-provoking standing-room only Parelli Celebration at the LG Arena, Birmingham in April of 2011.... Read More

Milburn Equine gives DIA Software to all students attending Opportunities in Equine Practice Seminar!

  • 22 Sep 2011

OEPS is an annual seminar for third year veterinary students designed to provide professional guidance, advice and mentorship opportunities for students interested in equine careers. The seminar, hosted by Rood & Riddle Equine Hospital, is supported by equine practitioners and industry partners. ... Read More

NEW Bulk Bedding like never before...

  • 22 Sep 2011

Our Advantage SUPER BALL is brand new to the market. This product was specially designed for our clients who have limited space to store bulk shavings: ... Read More

The HoofWall™ Brings the Farrier World Closer to Home

  • 22 Sep 2011

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  • 22 Sep 2011

Red Cell® liquid has supported the demands of equine athletes around the world for more than 35 years. But for some horse owners, pellets are easier to feed. ... Read More

A Bright Idea For The Farm: Illuminated Hoof Pick Making Daily Horse Care More Efficient & Effective

  • 22 Sep 2011

A uniquely designed technological improvement is shedding new light on the most basic tool in the tack room.... Read More

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