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Pet Acoustics Unleashes the World's First Sound System Designed to Support the Hearing Sensitivities of Dogs, Cats and Horses

  • 25 Mar 2010

Pet Acoustics Inc, a company dedicated to bringing products to market that bring balance and well being to the animals that share their lives with us, announces the Pet Acoustics My Pet Speaker. This innovative speaker is the world's first sound system designed to cater specifically to the hearing sensitivities of dogs, cats and horses.... Read More

Cargill’s ACCO Feeds® launches Superior® line

  • 24 Mar 2010

Cargill's ACCO Feeds®launches Superior® line Premium horse feeds feature improved formulation and the latest nutritional science MINNEAPOLIS - Cargill today announced its ACCO Feeds® brand is launching a new line of Superior® horse feed available April, 2010. Combining the previously existing Gold Series and this new Superior® line, ACCO Feeds® brand customers will have greater selection and improved... Read More

INTEGRITY Flex Steps Supports Optimal Joint Health in a Variety of Equine Athletes

  • 23 Mar 2010

Kauffman's Animal Health, a leader in animal health industry for over 30 years is helping horses of all disciplines achieve optimal joint health with INTEGRITY Flex Steps.... Read More

Introducing Kinetic’s EquiShield™ Bucket with Antimicrobial Properties Built into the Bucket Surface

  • 22 Mar 2010

Recognizing the threat of contagious diseases spread horse to horse, Kinetic, the maker of Conquer,® has introduced its innovative EquiShield ™ Bucket.... Read More

Horse Health Equine Ivermectin Paste 1.87% Introduces a Great Consumer Offer

  • 19 Mar 2010

Horse Health Equine Ivermectin Paste 1.87% introduces a great consumer offer - buy four doses and get one dose free by mail.... Read More

Dirty Jobs Made Easy with eZall Sheath Cleaner

  • 16 Mar 2010

For many horse owners, sheath cleaning is a daunting task. When it comes down to tackling this task, eZall Sheath Cleaner provides you with a new and effective formula for even the dirtiest jobs. ... Read More

Premier Equestrian, LLC Introduces ProTex™ Arena Footing

  • 16 Mar 2010

Premier Equestrian, LLC, a leading supplier of dressage arenas, equestrian jumps, arena footing, and stable accessories, has announced their latest product innovation, ProTex™ Arena Footing.... Read More

MinXray Introduces New X-Ray System Featuring "Anatomical Programming" for Small Practices

  • 9 Mar 2010

MinXray, Inc. is pleased to introduce the SA100AP, a new small animal x-ray system. This new system features the HF100AP, MinXray’s first x-ray unit developed exclusively for small animal practices. ... Read More

Classic Equine Equipment Introduces Classic FullStride™ Treadmills

  • 8 Mar 2010

– Classic Equine Equipment is excited to announce the newest addition to their exclusive product line – the Classic Fullstride™ Treadmill. ... Read More

Ground-Breaking Odor-No-More™ Delivers New Solution to Age-Old Problem

  • 8 Mar 2010

Industry experts and horse owners globally are calling Odor-No-More™ the industry’s best innovation in more than a quarter-century.... Read More

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