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Patrick J. Young
Director of Communications
Omega Fields®
Ph: 920-550-4061 Ext. 118
Omega Fields® Introduces Omega Grandé® COMPLETE
Newton, WI, December 30, 2009 - Omega Fields® has recently unveiled Omega Grandé® COMPLETE, the newest product in its lineup of flaxseed-based, Omega-3-rich supplements and treats for horses.
Omega Fields' team of equine-nutrition experts, headed by Dr. Kristina Hiney, PhD, has reformulated its time-honored Omega Grandé® supplement into a custom-designed, more COMPLETE equine nutrition solution.
Dr. Hiney explains, "In today's world where horse owners are concerned with feeding excess grain to their horses, Omega Grandé® COMPLETE provides the COMPLETE answer. Formulated to provide the essential vitamins and minerals required by performance horses with the added benefits of stabilized Omega-3 fatty acids, Omega Grandé® COMPLETE eliminates the need for extra supplementation."
Made from stabilized, ground, whole flaxseed; stabilized rice bran; ground grain sorghum seeds; custom blended vitamins and minerals; Diamond V® yeast; and biotin, Omega Grandé® COMPLETE is readily accepted by horses and is easy to serve.
Studies have shown that yeast, a pro-biotic, enhances digestibility and hindgut fermentation while two separate, powerful, plant-based antioxidants provide functional immune support for horses. Owners such as Lisa Alley-Zarkades from California report wonderful results from using Omega Grandé® COMPLETE. "[Our horse] Panadero has been on Omega Fields' products since he arrived from Spain two years ago. Panadero loves the taste [and] I really like how I did not have to feed psyllium anymore to prevent sand colic. His coat, mane, and hooves are so healthy. He even shines when he is dusty and dirty from rolling."
Sean Moriarty, president and owner of Omega Fields states, "Omega Grandé® COMPLETE adds depth to our award-winning retail equine line of products.  It has the performance of five, all-natural products in one easy-to-feed COMPLETE supplement and is just what some of our customers have been asking for."
Omega Grandé® COMPLETE is sold in 15 lb. bags and has a 12 month, money-back, freshness guarantee.
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