Old Horses: Better With Age

Lines of Communication

I recently learned first-hand about the importance of the horse owner-veterinarian-farrier team when managing some equine health conditions. Have your veterinarian and farrier worked together to solve a horse health problem?... Read More

Trudging Through Winter

Our news editor, Erica Larson, shares Dorado and her senior-horse winter survival tips.... Read More

Looking Back, Moving Forward

Thanks to some incredible veterinary and farriery care, we've put Dorado's laminitic episode behind us and are eager to see what 2016 has in store.... Read More

Adopting Aging Equids

November is "Adopt a Senior Pet" month. That’s right, old horse fanatics, a month dedicated to encouraging more and more people to become owners of senior horses!... Read More

‘Senior’ Horse Superstars: 2015 Breeders’ Cup Contenders

Get to know some of the 2015 Breeders' Cup contenders!... Read More

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Keep 'Em Moving!

Here's what I learned, first-hand, about the importance of keeping old horses moving to help their joints stay loose and limber.... Read More

A New Normal

Laminitis changes a lot of things, including what a ‘normal’ day is like for me and my 19-year-old horse.... Read More

Senior Horse Superstar Spotlight: Flexible

At 19, international Grand Prix jumper Flexible "feels as good as ever," longtime rider Rich Fellers says.... Read More

Tevis 2015 Featured Older Equine Athletes

The Tevis Cup 100-mile endurance race's 200 entries included 15 horses between the ages of 18 to 24.... Read More

Stall-Resting Seniors

Some horses handle stall rest well, while others would rather not deal with it. Where does your senior horse fall?... Read More

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Horses are living longer than ever, but with age and experience come health problems, new management concerns, and an odd behavior here and there. Discuss the ins and outs of every day old horse care and concerns with senior horse owner and News Editor Erica Larson.