Old Horses: Better With Age

How We Can Help Senior Horses Seeking Homes

I met some senior horses seeking forever homes at the Kentucky Equine Humane Center last week. Have you ever given a home to an aging equid in need?... Read More

Your Senior Horse's Past Life

One of Erica's aging equids was once a broodmare, while another was a racehorse. What did your senior horses do in their past lives? ... Read More

Spring Shots for Senior Horses

Vaccines are an important part of every horse's preventive care program. What vaccinations does your senior horse receive?... Read More

Spooky Seniors

Regardless of how well-trained, quiet, and creaky our senior horses seem, they still spook. What's the strangest thing your aging equid has spooked at?... Read More

Packing Post-Winter Pounds on Senior Horses

Dorado hasn't always maintained his weight well through the cold months. What are your tips to pack pounds on seniors that drop weight during winter?... Read More

Spring Checkups for Seniors

Dorado just had his spring checkup. Do your senior horses have regular wellness exams?... Read More

PPID Problems

The biggest challenge we had with PPID-affected Brandy was reaching a diagnosis. Do you have any PPID problems?... Read More

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Senior Horse Care Tips and Tricks

Senior-horse expert Dr. Mary Rose Paradis recently shared her tips for managing geriatric horses. Here are my top takeaways from her talk.... Read More

What's Your Senior Horse's Opinion of Winter?

Punxsutawney Phil says winter's not over. That's good news for one of my senior horses and bad for the other. Do your older horses like winter weather?... Read More

What's Your Age Again?

Dorado doesn't quite know that he's rapidly approaching the big 2-0. How do you keep your young-at-heart-and-mind seniors from self-destructing?... Read More

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