Old Horses: Better With Age

Massages for Senior Horses

Dorado got a massage after doing the splits, but even healthy horses can benefit from body work. Has your senior horse had a massage?... Read More

Fly and Other Insect Patrol for Senior Horses

Do you think your senior horses have grown more sensitive to flies as they've aged? And what do you do to keep the bugs from bothering your horses?... Read More

Pushing the Limits

Because he's proven to me that he has impeccable ground manners, Dorado gets some leeway in departments other horses might not. Do you let your aging equids push the limits?... Read More

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Back to Work after Summer Vacation

Dorado's going back to work after an unplanned vacation. What tips do you have for bringing an aging horse back into an exercise program?... Read More

Making Peace with Senior Feed

I confess: I haven't always loved senior horse feeds. But a change in Dorado's diet has really changed my mind. Do your aging horses eat senior feeds?... Read More

Summer Haircuts for Equine Seniors

Ensuring a Mini with PPID stayed cool during the summers often involved a set of clippers and a haircut. How do you manage your hairy seniors during the warm months?... Read More

Where's the Time Gone?

Do you have a horse who's become better with age and maturity?... Read More

Seattle Slew's Senior Surgeries

All this Triple Crown talk made me think of another horse that claimed racing's biggest prize: Seattle Slew. He also made headlines as a senior horse when he underwent two major neck surgeries in the early 2000s.... Read More

Keeping Seniors with Heaves Breathing Easy

Have you ever managed an older horse with heaves or other respiratory issues?... Read More

Treats for Toothless Seniors

Are a senior horse's treat-eating days over when his teeth start to go downhill? Not necessarily! Owners just need to select treats such horses can consume easily.... Read More

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