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Don't Forget to Vaccinate and Deworm Old Horses

Just because a horse is old doesn't mean he doesn't need to be vaccinated or dewormed. How often are your aging horses vaccinated and dewormed?...

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An Ounce of Prevention

In my experience, it's easier to keep a healthy senior horse in good shape than it is to bring an ailing one back to health. What preventive methods do you use to keep your senior horses healthy and happy?...

Deworming Equine Seniors

With the deworming tides changing, some owners might be rethinking their parasite control strategies for their equine seniors. ...

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Horses are living longer than ever, but with age and experience come health problems, new management concerns, and an odd behavior here and there. Discuss the ins and outs of every day old horse care and concerns with senior horse owner and News Editor Erica Larson.