Old Horses: Better With Age

May 2013 - Posts

Of Horses and Health Problems

I'd like to learn more about your equine seniors and the health challenges they face. To get you started, here's a little about my aging equids.... Read More

Why Ride Seniors?

Dorado just isn't ready to retire, which is why I keep him in training for competition. Why do you ride or compete with older horses? ... Read More

"At Least She's Feeling Good..."

Has treatment for a medical condition ever made your senior horse young again?... Read More

Spring Training for Seniors

As the weather gets nicer, many equestrians face the challenge of reconditioning horses who might have lost a step over the winter. How do you condition your older horses?... Read More

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Horses are living longer than ever, but with age and experience come health problems, new management concerns, and an odd behavior here and there. Discuss the ins and outs of every day old horse care and concerns with senior horse owner and News Editor Erica Larson.