Old Horses: Better With Age

January 2013 - Posts

Breeding the Old Gray Mare

Even though breeding my own 16-year-old mare isn't in the cards, I'd love to hear about your experiences with breeding older mares.... Read More

What Else Can I Do?

Most senior horse owners--myself included--want nothing more than to keep their charges healthy for as long as possible and will go to great lengths to do so. ... Read More

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Another Year Older

On January 1, like all Thoroughbreds, Dorado "officially" became another year older. This year, he celebrated his 17th birthday.... Read More

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Horses are living longer than ever, but with age and experience come health problems, new management concerns, and an odd behavior here and there. Discuss the ins and outs of every day old horse care and concerns with senior horse owner and News Editor Erica Larson.