Old Horses: Better With Age

July 2012 - Posts

Early is Better than Late when Calling the Vet

If you're debating whether or not to call the vet, consider erring on the side of caution and picking up the phone. ... Read More

Spectacular Seniors Slated for London Olympic Equestrian Events

As you're watching the Olympic equestrian events, keep an eye out for spectacular senior athletes; horse (and rider!) ages might surprise you. ... Read More

Keeping Them Going

Not unlike humans, as horses age their physical abilities slowly begin to diminish. But as veterinary technology advances, older horses' athletic careers are getting longer as well.... Read More

Handling Heat with Old Horses

Last year, Dorado struggled with the high temperatures due to his living situation; on some of the hottest days in early summer I'd arrive after work to find him sweating and clearly uncomfortable.... Read More

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Horses are living longer than ever, but with age and experience come health problems, new management concerns, and an odd behavior here and there. Discuss the ins and outs of every day old horse care and concerns with senior horse owner and News Editor Erica Larson.