At Home with Horses

For the Want of an Arena

A perfect riding arena is but a mere dream to this backyard horse owner. Do you have your own arena and, if not, how do you cope?... Read More

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Rule No. 1 of At-Home Horse Keeping: Make Friends with the Hay Guy

A reliable source of quality hay is necessary for the health of our horses. Do you ever worry about shortages and rising hay prices?... Read More

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Horse Doctor vs. Human Doctor: Who Knows You Better?

I find myself talking to my veterinarians more often than my personal physician. How about you?... Read More

Riding Solo

Keeping horses at home means I don't always have a riding partner. Do you ever risk riding alone?... Read More

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Of Dogs and Horses

Horse people are usually dog people too. How do you keep both horses and dogs safe on your property?... Read More

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Midnight Horse Chores

Do you ever lose sleep over your horse's health? That's how I ended up scrubbing water troughs in the middle of the night.... Read More

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Horsey Conversations

As the neighborhood horses call and talk to each other on a spring afternoon, I can't help but wonder what they're saying.... Read More

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Sites for Horsey Singles: Match-Making Equestrian Style

Happy Valentine's Day! Here are my top 10 reasons horse dating sites are a good idea.... Read More

5 Things About You

This month we launch our "5 Things You Need to Know" video series. But, what are the five things we need to know about you?... Read More

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A Winter Home Away from Home

The cold months and limited riding options have Michelle considering a move. How do you fit riding in during the winter?... Read More

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As many of you know from firsthand experience, horse ownership is more than a hobby. It's a lifestyle choice that those of us with horses happily make. Here, Digital Editor Michelle Anderson shares insights about living with and caring for horses and keeps you updated on the latest horse-world happenings.