At Home with Horses

A Promise to My Aging Horse

Owning horses sometimes requires making tough choices, especially as they get older. ... Read More

4th of July When You Have Horses at Home

I’ve come to accept that, as a horse owner with a herd at home, I don’t get to celebrate Independence Day like “normal” people.... Read More

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The Dressage Coat Diet

That I'm willing to wear white breeches in public is a testament to how much I love my sport of dressage. Do you pay as much attention to your own fitness and nutrition as your horse's and, if so, how do you stay riding fit? ... Read More

Creating a 'Happiness Plan' for a Horse

Have you ever almost given up on a horse because of his behavior? I was ready to. Then I made a plan.... Read More

10 Ways to Celebrate National Day of the Horse

Just about every day around here is "National Day of the Horse." However, Dec. 13 is the real thing. Here are some ideas to help you celebrate.... Read More

The Sales Yard

Horses sold by the pound at low-end auctions throughout the United States are a reality of our industry. And it breaks my heart.... Read More

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How Much is a Horse Worth?

If you're in the business of buying and selling horses, how do you settle on a fair price?... Read More

When the Horse Owner Goes Lame

This horse owner is on the human version of stall rest. Have you ever sustained an injury that kept you away from your horses, and if so, how did you cope?... Read More

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I Have Too Many Horses

How do you juggle caring for and managing multiple horses?... Read More

The Words I Use With Horses: A Translation

What words and verbal cues do you use with your horses?... Read More

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