I have hay in my shoes just about every day.

Photo: Michelle N. Anderson

Sometimes it feels like hay bits follow me around wherever I go, kind of like Pigpen's dirt cloud in the Peanuts comics. There's just no escaping it when you're tossing 75 pounds of hay a day over the fence. With that in mind, the following is a list of the top 10 goofy places I tend to find hay:

  1. In my ballet flats, because in my world any shoe without a heel is appropriate for farm chores.
  2. My car, usually after I’ve dumped out my ballet flats while driving into town.
  3. In my purse. I took a couple years away from equine publishing to work in corporate marketing. During that time, nothing made me smile more during the 8 to 5 hours than looking inside my fancy purse and seeing stray bits of hay floating around.
  4. In my hair. More often than not my hairdresser plucks out a piece before getting to work.
  5. On my barn cat’s bum. Okay, so this story is pretty funny. I took our new barn kitty to the vet for his initial wellness exam. I started giving the cat’s history, which is that he’s a feral stray, skinny, yada, yada. All the sudden my vet says, “And he has tapeworms.” We all gasp, and the tech and I jump back as my vet goes in for a closer look. “Oh wait, they’re just hay seeds,” she says. I Googled it, and the seeds really did look like tapeworms. Gross.
  6. In the refrigerator. I really have no explanation for this one, but it happens.
  7. In our bed. This one is particularly bad, considering my husband is pretty darn allergic to hay. I blame the dog, who climbs back under the covers on cold mornings after we feed the horses. Yeah, that's right, it's the dog that does that …
  8. My coat pockets. Only my wool winter coats are safe from hay collection.
  9. Our driveway. No matter how I try to avoid it, somehow we end up with hay in the horseless part of our front driveway.
  10. My bra. This happens more often than I’d like. Ouch! ’Nuf said

Where are the strangest places you’ve found hay in your daily life?