You know how sometimes when your dressage horse has been off-and-on lame for more than a year and you’re kind of feeling sad because everyone had fun at regional championships and you haven't gotten to show or clinic or take a lesson in 18 months and your trail buddy’s horse retired and she hasn’t found a new one yet so you haven’t been trail riding for a while and you don’t have kids and friends are having babies and you're kind of bored and your six-year-long house remodel is almost done and your husband is a new-business owner which keeps him pretty busy and you work on East Coast time and finish work at 3 p.m. most days and he’s not done until 6 p.m. and you really could use some new fodder for your horse blog and you have an extra empty paddock and you go look at a baby horse just for fun because she’s really cute and a good price and then you say to the seller “if she gets in the trailer I’ll give you X dollars for her" and then [insert deep breath here] she surprises you by jumping right into the trailer without batting an eyelash?

This is my new filly on her second morning at my place. She settled right in and hasn't made a peep. I'm pretty stressed about my impulse purchase, but her quiet disposition and willing attitude is starting to make me feel like I made a good decision.

Photo: Michelle Anderson

Yeah, that’s how I ended with the little lady you see at left.

I’m pleased to introduce you to 2-year-old Oldenburg-cross and my new “resale project” (my husband has the spread sheet to prove it, although I’ve never sold a horse in my life so we’ll see) Athena, aka “Atty.” I’m sure I’ll have a lot to share with you about her over the next year.

Have you ever bought a horse without really meaning to? What was your experience?