In my last post I solicited ideas from you to replace my horse Jack’s favorite toy, a feed pan that ended up stuck around his leg after too much hard playing. You all offered some great suggestions, including Porta-Feeders (outside my budget, but they look awesome!) to traffic cones to palm fronds (if only I lived in a place with palm fronds instead of snow!). After much thought, I decided to give the giant doggy tug rope a try as suggested by reader Courtney.

The video below shows Jack’s initial introduction to his new rope. He’s was little skeptical ("Is that a snake?!" he seems to ask) at first but quickly figured out how to swing and toss the rope. I have to apologize, though, before you hit play—I had no idea I baby talked to my horses until I caught myself on camera (although, I bet I’m not alone!). Oops, grown up voice from now on!

[brightcove videoid="1980526194001" width="full"]

Jack moved his toy around his paddock for days, leaving it near his loafing shed or water trough or hanging it on the gate, but that too is now over. As of today, Jack’s new toy is missing. Gone, vanished, not to be found. I’ve searched high, low, and between. I’ve looked in hay piles, trees, and my neighbors’ yard, but to no avial. I’m not sure exactly who absconded with the giant, fun, doggy tug rope, but I have my suspicions:


Did Michelle's corgis, Wyatt (left) and Wyni (right), take Jack's new tug rope?
Photo by Michelle Anderson

I’m sure it will turn up somewhere soon, and if not, I have lots more of your horse-toy ideas to try instead. Thank you again for your suggestions!