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I think I'm going through charming accent withdrawal. Luckily for me (and you!) we captured some on video! First up, we have Fionnan Nestor of Failte Ireland giving tips on booking an equestrian trip to Ireland. If you're thinking of visiting (do it!), this is chock-full of useful info on things to consider when booking a trip, resources available online, etc. And there's some great b-roll of the colo... Read More

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Home Again

The trip home went fine. Until we hit American soil. Travel abroad is always a bit of a coin toss, with long flights, customs, security, and the myriad snafus that can easily emerge when working on a schedule outside your own control. When coming in to Ireland, customs took about 10 seconds--glance at the passport and interview went like this: "How long are you staying?" "Until Sunday... Read More

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Dublin Calling

I could have spent a week happily exploring the city on the Liffey. But since I only had a day, you're getting just a peek at the bounty this city offers travelers. Whether you want food, theatre, history, architecture, or just a rolling good time, you can find it here. On our final day in Ireland, Chad I said goodbyes to our hosts and most of our traveling companions and set off to explore, accompanied... Read More

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Horse Show Report

I posted a few photos yesterday while sitting at the airport ( see those ), but here's the real report. The Fáilte Ireland Dublin Horse Show has been going on for 106 years. Show director Peter Hanly told us the show began as a way to support country's horse breeders and producers. The competitions, from working hunters to Connemaras and colo(u)red cobs, to mares and foals, highlight the quality... Read More

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Dublin Horse Show

I often describe horse shows as my "natural habitat." But while I've had the pleasure of attending a diverse array of equine events, including the Kentucky Derby, Breeders' Cup, Rolex, and the Olympics, nothing compares with the beauty of the Fáilte Ireland Dublin Horse Show . It's the most photogenic horse event I've seen, and I hope you'll agree. As I'm posting this... Read More

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Turf Time

Turf racing, while not the main focus at American Thoroughbred tracks, is the marquee event at many Irish racecourses. Neither of the courses we visited (The Curragh and Leopardstown) even offered a dirt oval! My Irish heritage probably shows when I say I prefer turf racing as well. The structure of turf horses, with their solid build, heavy bone, and big strides, appeals to my own personal equine... Read More

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Back in the Saddle

After bidding a fond farewell to Mount Juliet--I'm coming back--we headed to Co Wicklow for a second trekking adventure with Glendalough Equestrian Center . The route took us to the Wicklow Mountains , a breathtaking rugged landscape of exposed stone, rivers, and the odd sheep wandering about. We also saw the area where the Christian Bale/Matthew McConaughey movie " Reign of Fire " was... Read More

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The View Between a Horse's Ears

While the sightseeing has been grand, I was really looking forward to the trekking--there's something uniquely thrilling about seeing fresh scenery between the ears of an unfamiliar horse. For our first equestrian outing, Mount Juliet's Equestrian Center split us into two mixed-experience groups of six. As it turns out I didn't need the half-chaps I brought, as tall boots and helmets were... Read More

Mount Juliet

"Last night I dreamt I went to Manderley again." So starts Daphne DuMaurier's novel, Rebecca , a tale in which the setting, a fictional estate called Manderley , plays as large a role as the characters themselves. After staying at Mount Juliet, I believe I may have found Manderley--or at very least, I'll now recognize it next time I pick up my own well-worn copy. Mount Juliet is a... Read More

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The Curragh

Were I to picture my own personal heaven, it would be much like The Curragh. The 5,000 acres are said to be the area over which Saint Brigid spread her cloak when she requested land from the King of Leinster (he said she was welcome to whatever her mantle covered). The Curragh's history is closely tied to horses--the name itself means "racecourse" or "running place" in ancient... Read More

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