Horses and the Law

Worth 1,000 Words

New technology and the Internet have changed the nature of horse show photography in a fundamental way. Copyright laws that protect a photographer's right to earn a living are still alive and well, but no one seems to notice anymore. ... Read More

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Entertainment Watchdog

The American Humane Association has been monitoring motion picture and television productions for 70 years to protect the animal welfare. The collaboration is an example of succesful self-regulation, but does the voluntary monitoring go far enough?... Read More

A Run Of Bad Luck

The HBO series "Luck" was canceled after a third horse died. Were there violations of California's animal welfare laws during the production of the series?... Read More

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Meeting Of The Minds

Does adoption from a horse rescue always mean a transfer of ownership, or can the rescue retain an interest in the animal? The answer depends on what the adoption agreement actually says, not what the parties think it means. ... Read More

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Politically Incorrect

New York Racing Association stewards denied a request to dye Hansen's tail blue for the Gotham Stakes at Aqueduct. Is racing too stodgy for its own good?... Read More

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Fresh Start

The Voluntary Classification Settlement Program is part of an Internal Revenue Service initiative that will allow some employers to correct misclassification of workers as independent contractors without paying the full amount due the government.... Read More

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Qualified Victory

Photojournalist Laura Leigh's legal battle for unrestricted access to Bureau of Land Management wild horse roundups got a boost when the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals sent the case back to district court.... Read More

Nowhere to Hide

Tracking animal abusers can be difficult and frustrating. Online registries for convicted abusers are a new phenomenon aimed at easing the problem, with legislation pending in several states.... Read More

Pay to Play in Congress

Are campaign contributions the driving force behind action, or inaction, in Congress? When it comes to antislaughter legislation, it's more than a numbers game. ... Read More

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Horses and Cattle and Pigs, Oh My

Pig producers came out on top in a case before the U.S. Supreme Court that has implications for state efforts to ban or restrict horse slaughter. ... Read More

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