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Liability Releases: Not Worth the Paper They're Written on? Think Again!

What makes a liability release enforceable?...

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Risky Business

Statistics are wondrous things. Spin them one way and you can prove just about anything. Spin them another way and you can prove the opposite. A case in point: working on a farm. Conventional wisdom holds that farming is the most hazardous job in the country. But is it? A few days ago the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) released preliminary results of the agency’s National Census of Fatal Occupational...

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Equine lawyers don’t sue horses—but what, exactly, do they do? And why does it matter? Horses and the Law brings you an in-depth look at the important legal issues affecting horse owners and exhibitors today, including liability, sales and bloodstock agents, contracts and other business concerns, taxes, the animal rights vs. animal welfare debate, and legislation. If you agree with something, or even if you don’t, feel free to comment. Just keep it tasteful. And remember that Horses and the Law does not—and cannot—address your specific legal problems, and is not a source of legal advice. For that, you should contact your own attorney.