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Meeting Of The Minds

Does adoption from a horse rescue always mean a transfer of ownership, or can the rescue retain an interest in the animal? The answer depends on what the adoption agreement actually says, not what the parties think it means. ...

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A Cautionary Tale

Horse rescue operations are an unfortunate, but necessary, part of the landscape these days. And the people who take it upon themselves to care for abused and neglected horses should be commended. They also should be warned. A big heart does not entitle anyone to a pass when it comes to compliance with animal welfare statutes. Nor does ignorance of the law. A case on point: Two years ago, Terry Lynn...

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Equine lawyers don’t sue horses—but what, exactly, do they do? And why does it matter? Horses and the Law brings you an in-depth look at the important legal issues affecting horse owners and exhibitors today, including liability, sales and bloodstock agents, contracts and other business concerns, taxes, the animal rights vs. animal welfare debate, and legislation. If you agree with something, or even if you don’t, feel free to comment. Just keep it tasteful. And remember that Horses and the Law does not—and cannot—address your specific legal problems, and is not a source of legal advice. For that, you should contact your own attorney.