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October 2013 - Posts

Read This Before You Buy Your First Horse

Find out what you need to know before buying your first horse.... Read More

I Bought a Lame Horse: Now What?

Find out what legal recourse you might have against a seller after you buy a lame horse.... Read More

Horse Industry Defamation Follow-up: Your Questions Answered

Attorney Rachel Kosmal McCart follows up last week's post about defamation in the horse industry by answering frequently asked questions.... Read More

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You Can't Say That! Or Can You?

Gossip in the horse world--you know it happens about horses, trainers, vets, shoers, breeders, and more. Here's what horse people need to know about defamation.... Read More

Horse Boarders' Rights (or Lack Thereof)

What are your rights when you're boarding your horse?... Read More

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